Victory protocol token

1. The act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.
2. The protocol for running decentralized lottery games.
Victory Protocol
Victory will create the first distributed mainframe for running games of chance. In an age of disruption, corruption, and greed, Victory is poised to restore the broken balance between game operators and participants by completely removing centralization and private governance.

Victory will airdrop placeholder tokens VIC to the community and supporters. VIC tokens will swap for LOTTO on our main-net launch, and become the ecosystem fuel. Numerous incentives for LOTTO holders are in the works. More details TBA.

Total supply:
1 trillion
Private sale:
100 billion
100 billion
300 billion

Ecosystem and incentives:
500 billion
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Victory Protocol



  • Q3 Team assembled
  • Q4 Contract deployed
  • Q4 Presale finished
  • Q4 Preliminary roadmap
  • Q4 Airdrop Phase #1


  • Q2 Airdrop Phase #2
  • Q2 Updated roadmap
  • Q3 Airdrop Phase #3
  • Q3 Testnet launch
  • Q3 Whitepaper
  • Q4 Airdrop Phase #4
  • Q4 Swap announced
  • Q4 Mainnet launch
Victory Protocol
Features & Specifications
  • Victory is community-centric and will have no public sale. 30% of all VIC tokens will be airdropped to our community at a rate which is yet to be determined. Refer to the airdrop section of the site for more information.
  • Victory is sufficiently funded. The team sold 10% of all VIC tokens to interested parties in a private sale which ended in less than 36 hours. All presold tokens are locked until mainnet launch.
  • Victory relies on vested interest from it's developers. 10% of all VIC tokens are owned by the team. All team tokens are locked until mainnet launch.
  • LOTTO is the fuel of the Victory ecosystem. LOTTO is a deflationary currency and all coins will be minted shortly before the swap event. A certain amount of LOTTO will be burned during some blockchain interactions and a certain amount will be considered a staker's fee. Both percentages will be variable in nature and will depend on factors such as mediam transaction size, total transaction number, etc.
  • Victory achieves consensus between nodes by employing a DPoS mechanism. We believe that there are practical solutions to the scalability issue and we plan to release more information in the forthcoming whitepaper.
  • Victory provides different incentives to delegates and witnesses. Forms of staking and/ or lending mechanisms of LOTTO will be implemented after mainnet launch.
  • Victory will be released under the MIT license after mainnet launch. The team does not intend to keep any kind of creative control over the protocol and/ or the blockchain.
Victory Protocol

The Victory team consists of 4 highly-motivated individuals with extensive experience in blockchain technology and development. We've somewhat come to despise the word “disruption” in the blockchain industry, but if there's one system that needs it, it's this one. We've chosen to remain anonymous for the simple fact that Victory will truly change the multi-tiered system of deeply ingrained corruption and greed in running games of chance. Our anonymity is a nonissue to the project development and success, as doing otherwise could have serious repercussions due to how far we are willing to take this project.

We are early investors across multiple areas of the blockchain space. We have a lot of time on our hands, and money is not an issue. After years of thought, planning, and building, we've decided that Victory is worth our full dedication.

It should be noted that we have zero interest in running games of chance. This project does not exist for enrichment of its developers and while we plan to stay aboard, we expressly decline any governance or control functions after a stable mainnet is achieved.

Victory Protocol
Victory will be airdropped to our community in several waves. The amount of tokens received will depend on various factors such as (but not limited to): wave number, amount of VIC in your wallet, participation in community forums, and more. Airdrop statistics will be announced after the end of each wave.

We have chosen to do the first airdrop on Coopex Exchange. Anyone who has an account at Coopex will receive VIC directly in the wallet. No further action is required for Coopex customers. During Wave 1, each Coopex wallet receiveds 10,000,000 VIC.
  • 32 bil Planned airdrop:
  • ~2,800 Number of wallets:
  • ~28 bil Actual airdrop:
  • ~4 bil Balance at Coopex:
The second wave of VIC tokens will be airdropped on Etherflyer Exchange. A total of 75 billion tokens will be distributed freely during the event. Please follow this link for further information.
TBA, refer to the roadmap for more details.
TBA, refer to the roadmap for more details.
Victory Protocol
You can download the Victory Protocol Lightpaper (v0.1) at this link.


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